A bespoke e-bike network for your business
We are the leading provider of bespoke e-bike solutions for clients in hospitality, residential, corporate and education.
Our Mission
We believe that the only way to offer financially sustainable, long-standing micro-mobility solutions that can change the world is 'to go B2B'.

This is why, at Unicorn Electrics, we build bespoke micro-mobility networks for hotels, residential communities, student accommodations and corporate campuses.
Hotels and resorts
Differentiate yourself in the market by promoting premium micro-mobility solutions.

Boost revenue by offering tailored excursion packages to your guests.

Deliver incredible experiences and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Gain a distinctive advantage over the competition by providing a bespoke micro-mobility system to your residents.

Increase mobility and connectivity, while reducing congestion and air pollution in the surroundings.

Boost the value of your properties up by over 3% (McGill University)

Promote an healthy and green lifestyle within the workplace.

Increase mobility and connectivity for your staff, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Enable your employees to travel to meetings in a fun and sustainable way.
Discover our turnkey solution
Our e-bikes are built with a focus on comfort and high-performance, using aluminium and carbon fibre. They also come customised with your colour and logo.
Docking and charging stations
Our proprietary, fully automated charging stations are designed to make the maintenance of the e-bikes fast and effortless.
Unicorn ePortal
The Unicorn ePortal is our proprietary online platform designed to manage the users' reservations efficiently.
Our range of subscription packages cover services such as fleet upkeep, GPS tracking, and all-in-one rental system.
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Build the perfect e-bike solution for your business.
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